Our green cleaning mission is to promote and use effective, non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally-derived safe agents, along with low-impact processes to make homes sparkle, and to support customers in achieving simpler lifestyles that are richer and more earth friendly. Please note that we don’t charge extra for this service, though it is not industry standard.

Estimates can be given over the phone, but actual price requires a visual walk through.

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Our home and office cleaning company in Morris County, NJ specializes in green cleaning and maid services. We are serious about green cleaning and we do it all with a holistic approach. Your home will never look or feel better. Our professional cleaners will take care of all your special needs and ensure that your home is treated with the utmost care, including green cleaning those hard to reach areas.

House Cleaning

A clean, orderly, and tranquil house is our goal for you. We’re here for you, whether you need a deep clean to kick off the new season or a move-in cleaning to help you settle into your new home. Services include Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Move-in, Move-out, and Construction cleanup.  Preparation for selling (including staging rooms to be visually appealing), Feng Shui, Organization, and Furniture placement. LEARN MORE >

  • Home
  • Apartment
  • Condo Community
  • Move-ins / Move-outs
  • Post Construction
  • Seasonal Rentals
  • Spring Cleaning/Airbnb
  • Holiday & Party Prep

Office Cleaning

The same can be said for your workplace. We all know that a clean and well-organized work environment is more appealing to clients, as well as more productive and efficient. A tidy workspace can help you reach your full potential.

Green Cleaning can extend into your workplace, too! We use our own recipes and supplement with high quality, well-vetted products. If you want a healthier workplace and you’re looking for a truly local company with fair business practices, we can help. We want to develop a partnership with your company- let us make your workplace a clean, comfortable and healthy space! LEARN MORE >


Cleaning and organizing are inextricably linked. You can’t always do one without doing the other. The good news is that we provide both services. Our organizer can assist you with any project. Do you have a pantry where you can never find anything, resulting in 6 bottles of ketchup and 12 boxes of open pasta? What about the children’s playroom? Consider a new art caddy that keeps all of their crayons and coloring books handy. All of their toys and games have been labeled and arranged. We can deliver a Christmas miracle! Imagine all of your decorations, neatly stored. They’ll be easier to find next year because they’re all in one place in your tidy garage, so you won’t have to buy that sixth wreath holder. Let’s discuss the room or project you’d want to tackle first. LEARN MORE >

  • Kitchen Pantries and cabinets
  • Children’s Rooms and Playrooms
  • Bedroom & Linen Closets
  • Packing/Unpacking for Moves
  • Garages
  • Office Files
  • Storage
  • Clutter Management (Holiday Decorations, Craft Rooms)